Read what my students have been saying!

“I have been with many voice teachers but Ariane has opened my singing like no-one else before, for the first time I feel I am singing with my whole body and when I get tense I know what to do to release the tension!”

Maria, London

“I study acting at drama school in Barcelona, but I learnt more about my voice and breathing in a few lessons than I have for two years at the school- very grateful!”

Patricia, Barcelona

“Through my studies with Ariane I have gone from an insecure to a very confident singer, thanks to invaluable lessons and all the amazing support I received which pulled me through the times of serious doubt.”

Belinda, Madrid

“I came to Ariane with no singing experience, I just knew I wanted to find out about my voice - I discovered so much about myself, my voice, interesting music I hadn’t known about, it was a wonderful journey!”

Samantha, London

“I am an actor who came to work with Ariane on my vocal problems, I had lost the power of my voice and always sounded a bit strained- within a month I regained not only my old voice but learnt a lot about my breathing,I am thrilled with the results!”