<header class=“page-header”><h1 class=“page-title”>Voice Recovery</h1></header>

<p>Individual or group sessions are available in the area of voice recovery. This programme is for actors/singers or anyone with voice or confidence issues. Additionally these lessons would suite anyone who would like to :</p>


<li>improve their speaking voice</li>

<li>gain confidence</li>

<li>solidify their technique</li>

<li>communicate better as a speaker</li>

<li>improve their breathing</li>

<li>learn about their voice</li>

<li>learn about warm ups</li>


<p>The main areas covered in these sessions are:</p>



<li>posture: how posture effects the voice, how wrong posture causes vocal fatigue and how to correct it</li>

<li>resonance: learn about resonators, different “colours” of your voice</li>


<p>Lessons consist of a package of 4-6 sessions (or more if appropriate) which is a complete course which will restore the health of the voice by realigning, initiating correct breathing and resonance.</p>

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