I enjoy working with people from all sorts of different backgrounds, whether it is with classical singers and actors, or people who just want to discover their voice, free up their voice, overcome their fear of singing, learn a song for a wedding. Whatever your goal, get in touch!

Singing lessons and vocal coaching for all levels - everyone welcome, whether you would like to:

  • work on repertoire
  • prepare for an audition/recording/show etc
  • work on technique
  • overcome fear of singing
  • get to know your voice better
  • improve on specific issue

Prices for individual classes range from £18 - £50, depending on location, duration etc.


  • 1/2 hour - £18
  • 1 hour - £30


  • 1/2 hour - £25
  • 1 hour - £50

Trial lessons are £15 in Hastings, £25 in London. Skype sessions available

For more info on this course or to book a session contact me on {sn_mail}